Booking Conditions


You may send any questions regarding your booking to:

We try to get back to you with a response within 24 hours.

Your booking will finally be confirmed as soon as we receive your payment.
Please always indicate your booking reservation number as a reference with your payment!


Special Booking Terms for Summer 2020

We want you to feel great and excited about your upcoming summer holidays. Therefore adapted our booking terms to the current situation. All new bookings made as of the 24th April 2020 for a stay with us during July, August and September 2020 can be cancelled up to 7 days before the planned day of arrival – free of charge.

In all other aspects our boking conditions remain the same as stated below.


  • If you book your accommodation for a planned arrival date within 30 days or sooner, the full amount needs to be paid immediately.
  • If you book your accommodation for a planned arrival date within 31 days or even later, 30% of the amount needs to be paid as a deposit within 5 days after booking.
  • The full amount must be paid no later than 30 days prior to arrival.
  • If the deposit does not get paid in time, we cannot confirm your booking.
  • If the full payment is not effected in time, we cannot guarantee your booking.
  • As soon as we receive your payment, we confirm your booking.

Arriving within 7 days or less?

Pay upon arrival
You are welcome to pay your stay by credit card or via Swish (Swedish payment app) directly at our reception.

Bank account
Recipient: Franziska Gandert
IBAN: SE76 8000 0831 3952 4271 3237

Bankgiro: 5201-7654

Swish: 123 574 82 56

Please note that Strandgården is cash-free!

Please consider buying a travel insurance that may cover your costs if you need to cancel your booking.

You can cancel your booking in written via e-mail to:

If you cancel your booking 60 days or earlier before your planned day of arrival, we will refund the full amount.

If you cancel your booking later than 60 days before your planned day of arrival, the deposit payment cannot be refunded. In case you have not paid the deposit already, it will be due to be paid immediately as you cancel your booking.

If you cancel your booking later than 30 days before your planned day of arrival, the full amount cannot be refunded.

What are my rights?
If you have any complaints you may direct them to our staff at the reception as soon as possible. You may address any problems that occur during your visit as quickly as possible so that we get a chance to solve them. If you do not address problems that occur, or of you do not claim them within short notice, you will lose your right to reclaim.

General rules

  • All our rooms and cabins are smoke free.
  • Dogs are allowed at the cabins, only. Please clean your cabin well before you leave.
  • We kindly ask you to be quiet between 22:00h and 7:00h as other guests may want to enjoy their night sleep during these hours.
  • Please do not forget to give back the key to the room or cabin at the end of your stay.
    Lost keys get invoiced at 1 500 SEK.
  • You can book the final cleaning for your cabin at 800 SEK.
    Please inform us the day before you are planning to leave as it otherwise gets harder for us to organize the cleaning before new guests are coming in.
    If you leave the cabin unclean without notifying us, we will charge you with 1 200 SEK.
  • At least one of the guests staying in our rooms or cabins must be at least 18 years old and needs to be present on each day of the whole stay. Persons under the age of 18 may not stay at our rooms or cabins alone.
  • It is not allowed to have more persons at a room as there are beds.
    Small kids may share a bed with a parent or use their travel bed, of course. Should you be staying with more people than what you have indicated while booking, you may inform us about this change before you arrive.
  • You take full financial responsibility for any damage that you, your kids or dogs are causing to the buildings, interior or inventory of Strandgården – either on purpose or accidentally. Please inform us immediately if something gets broken, so that we can handle the issue as soon as possible.
  • Please bear in mind that you are responsible for your own personal belongings.
    Have them either at sight or locked up at your room or cabin. Strandgården does not bear any responsibility for personal belongings that you store inside the booked accommodation or any other room.
  • Please do always take note of where our emergency exits, stairs and fire extinguishers are situated. Have a look at the detailed information on the back of your room´s door.
  • War, natural catastrophe, strike etc.
    The partners (Strandgården & guest) have a right to cancel the booking contract in case the room/cabin should not be available due to war, natural catastrophe, strikes, fire, longer terms of shortages in water or electricity or any other similar severe event that neither the hotel or guest could foresee or prevent.
  • What happens in case we cannot solve a conflict?
    Please contact us directly in case of any claims. We reserve the right to provide a solution in due course. Should we manage to present a solution, you cannot claim deductions to the agreed prices. If you have not informed us about the problem immediately and we hence did not get a chance to provide a solution, you lose your rights to claim. If we decide to provide compensation for any occurred problems, this compensation may in most cases be a voucher that you can use during your stay or for your next booking at Strandgården.


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