Your journey to Fjällnäs in Tänndalen is part of the whole adventure!

Neither trains nor planes will take you all the way up to the Swedish Highlands of Härjedalen. However, they may take you the biggest bit in case you are not coming by car, which is the most flexible way to travel up here and around the area.

Tänndalen lies close to the Norwegian border and only a 45-minute-ride away from the airport in Røros, which has good flight connections via Oslo. International direct flights are also available to Værnes / Trondheim and Östersund. National flight connections within Sweden are available to the airports of Sveg and Östersund. From there, either a rented car or the bus may then take you up to the highlands.

Depending on where you come from, you may travel either through Norway via Røros or through Sweden to reach us. If you plan to visit us between October and May we highly recommend you to have your car equipped with a motor heater, since temperatures may drop below -15° C for several days during these months. Having good winter tires on your car is a must, when coming up during this season, too. Bear all of that in mind, in case you are planning to rent a car at the airports of either Östersund or Trondheim. During summer, especially in July and August, the sun hardly sets at our place and temperatures rise above +20° C. That’s when the road 84 that passes Strandgården is a perfect fit for everyone that is planning a road trip through Norway and Sweden as you get to discover countless breathtaking views all along the way. Once you check in at our reception, we can share some extra tips about spots and roads to check out in our area.

During the skiing season, you may take the “Snälltåget” (friendly train) that goes from Malmö or Stockholm to Röjan where you will get on a transfer bus to Tänndalen. However, we recommend checking for different dates, since this connection is not available on every day!
At the “Snälltåget” you can also check for departures from Berlin.

Read more about the “Snälltåget”

More detailed information about the “Snälltåget” (in Swedish)

Otherwise it is the SJ (Swedish railway) and the “Inlandsbanan” that can take you to Sveg or Östersund where you can get on a bus to Tänndalen.

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Plan your journey with Inlandsbanan

More information on the bus connections follows below.

The closest train station lies in Røros / Norway.
However, since there is no bus crossing the border between Norway and Sweden, you might need to book a shuttle.
Contact us, if you need assistance with planning your journey from there.

The bus station “Fjällnäs Camping” is only 400 meters away.
You may check out the website of the Länstrafiken Jämtland for the bus schedules from the train stations in Sveg or Östersund.

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Furthermore, the so called “Härjedalingen” bus line goes from Stockholm and/or Östersund at some times to Tänndalen but regularly to Funäsdalen, that is 25 km away.

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